Passion Pictures Signs 4 New Directors

Passion Pictures used up all their ink after signing four new French directors to their roster. Keeping with Passion’s standards of excellence and individualism, each director brings a distinctive voice to Passion’s eclectic lineup.

The following info is taken from the Passion Pictures press release:

Sebastien Cannone

Sebastien Cannone combines live action with realistic CG animation to create beautifully crafted films which both mimic and distort reality.

His award winning campaign for Virgin 17 Radio (Best On-Air Ident, Promax BDA Gold 2008) features an array of bizarre but convincingly life-like characters in simple live action settings.  They include a giant octopus–like creature moving through a city, a woman whose hair moves as though it were living tentacles and an art gallery containing an enormous metallic sculpture, with a life of its own.

View Sebastien’s work

Arnaud and Jerome

Film makers Arnaud Delord and Jerome Combe work together as a directing partnership called Arnaud & Jerome, combining their skills in design, live action, and computer animation.

Their first project for Passion Paris is a commercial for French ready meal brand Marie which uses a blend of live action settings and animated characters.  The distinctive style of their work is achieved using motion capture and CG animation.

View Arnaud and Jerome’s work

Dimitri Stankowicz

Dimitri Stankowicz designs and directs animation in a simple, graphic style.  Some of his work is 2D animation and some is created in camera frequently using natural textures such as paper, leaves and paint.

View Dimitri’s work

Jean Lecointre

Jean Lecointre’s surreal narratives are acted out by strange composite characters made out of unlikely objects such as fruit, flowers and biscuits.  His quirky, collage animation style uses still photographs, live action and animation which is composited using After FX.

View Jean’s work


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