21-19 Finally Launch.

21-19 Launch

Melbourne based multidisciplinary studio 21-19 have finally launched their site, full of a plethora of delightful print, motion and even some interactive work.

There is a consistently thoughtful and elegant approach to the way 21-19 execute their work that I find massively appealing. A prime example is their self-promotional and award-winning short film ‘In Motion’. A visual homage to the great game of table tennis/ping pong/after work exercise, it is beautifully composed and paced, with a wonderful sequence of vignettes that reveal layers of gorgeous fluid motion behind a game that can be played with a beer in one hand. The ending – which I won’t spoil – is especially effective, almost like the piece is applauding itself for a job well done. 

I’m only disappointed that there is no direct link/download option for the motion pieces. And that I’m currently on the wrong continent to play ping-pong with the crew.



be sure to check over “Dennis the hand” on their site…. for a laugh/smile at least i did : )


I felt that the end of that “In Motion” piece was out of place and sort of slapped on. it doesn’t match visually and sort of makes for an abrupt ending


Wow. Everything on there site is perfect! I’ve been inspired!


“Dennis the hand” is smart piece…
the end of “In Motion” was perfect for me, check out the “Analyzing Motion” podcast by by Carl Larsen on creativecow it demystifies this piece


Music by sound designers The Wilderness Collective in Melbourne, Australia, please check it out: http://www.thewildernesscollective.com

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