Bent Image Lab and Santo: Coke “Hidden Formula”


Bent Image Lab and agency Santo prove what fun can ensue when concept and visuals move in lock step with “Hidden Formula” for Coke.

The Powers of Ten zoom is always an entertaining visual trope, but Bent Image Lab directors David Daniels and Ray DiCarlo raised the bar with some excellent character animation and a seamless mix of stop-action and CG. Our only complaint was that it ended too soon.


Production Company: Bent Image Lab
Director: David Daniels and Ray DiCarlo
Senior Producer: Tsui Ling Toomer
Producer: Kara Place
Coordinator: Ryan Shanholtzer
Director of Photography: Mark Eifert
3D Technical Director: Fred Ruff
Grip: Russ Caulkins
Stage: Jim Birkett
Art Director: Curt Enderle, Paul Harrod
Set Designer: Huy Vu, Curt Enderle
Art Department Lead: Solomon Burbridge
Art Department: Mary Blankenburg, Marty Easterday, Eric Van Kirk, Charlie Daniels, Chris Hearndon, Jayme Hansen
Character Design: Colin Batty, Huy Vu
3D Artists: Eric Durante, Steph Kaufman, AJ Deflaminis, Dave Manuel, Galen Beals, Devon Myron
Principal Animators: Jerold Howard, Melik Malkasian, Eric Urban
Additional Animators: Eric Schuer, Jen Prokopowitz
Storyboard Artist: Steve Hess

Advertising Agency: Santo
Creative directors: Sebastian Wilhelm, Maximiliano Anselmo, Pablo Minces
Producer: Ezequiel Ortiz
Account Director: Hilary Strong

Editorial Company: Bent Image Lab
Editorial Supervisor: Jon Weigand
Colorist: Orland Nutt
Composite Artists (After Effects): Orland Nutt, Brian Kinkley, Tarn Fox, Evan Larimore

Sound Design Company/city/state: Downstream, Portland, Oregon
Sound Designer/Mixer: Lance Limbocker


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There is definitely something in the water—this lo-fi aesthetic combined with hi-tech production value…..seems to be on the up and up…..


obviously, if you like kung-fu then you must like…the jetta.

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