Raf Wathion Lights Up 300,000 Candles for Electrabel

Raf Wathion Lights Up 300,000 Candles for Electrabel and Famous.

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Joe Clay

Holy crap, that was awesome. Makes me want to do it. But I can’t because they did it first! So I guess all that’s left is to somehow do it better and that’s not bloody likely.

Awesome job guys. I’d put this on the main page. It’s amazing. I wish the making of were subbed in English, but I caught enough of the French to get an idea of what it was like to work on it. Seemed like it was mostly just estimates of how many candles there were and that it was very hot.

Joe Clay

Oh and it’d be nice if they actually put a larger version of this on their site. If I can afford the bandwidth, I’m sure they can.


It’s really amazing. Merci pour le making-Off et félicitation à Famous.


wow! i love it! the drops of water and skyscrapers are wonderful.

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