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Director/illustrator/designer Carolina Melis (with Nexus Productions) has been quietly tinkering with her site for a while now, but we recently got the green light to share it with the world.

Carolina’s portfolio—and I mean all of it, not just the motion work—is a sheer joy to behold. By following her muse through whatever medium it dictates, Carolina has developed a distinctive voice that’s as playful as it is sophisticated.

Characters are both the stars and the medium of Carolina’s work.  They trot about the screen while simultaneously acting as design elements, pleasantly blurring the line between figure and ground.

Carolina’s background in dance and choreography is evident in her work. Through repetition and rhythm, simple forms coalesce to form complex compositions that augment the soundtracks in nearly all her projects.

With that in mind, don’t miss Carolina’s abstract video for Efterklang’s “Polygyne.” (It’s only mentioned in the News section of her site.) And keep an eye on Galinanova, a fashion and design project that draws on Carolina’s Sardinian roots.


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