Dougal Wilson Gives Coldplay the Punch & Judy Treatment

Dougal Wilson, who has spent the last few years solidifying himself as one of London’s most interesting directors, recently released this video for Coldplay’s Life In Technicolor II. I know the puppet thing has been done a few times recently and pretty well to boot (once by Dougal in fact). But, he has unsurprisingly brought his trademark charm to yet another one. Based on the traditional English puppet show Punch & Judy, puppet versions of Coldplay break the fourth wall and fill the room with pure arena rock.


Life In Technicolour II (EMI)
Production Co: Colonel Blimp
Director: Dougal Wilson
Producer: Matthew Fone
Director Of Photography: Brett Turnbull
Art director: Andy Kelly
Master Puppet maker: Nonny Beakes
Stylists: Michelle May, Natalie Marie Willis, Holly Dench
SFX : Artem
Editor: Joe Guest at Final Cut
Telecine: Jean Clement-Soret at MPC
Online: Tom Harding & Stirling Archibald at MPC
Commissioner: Kirstin Cruickshank

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London

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haha – that was entertaining


Looks like a fun production, not sure it does anything for the song. Got bored before the lights went out.


Just my two cents.


Haha, Love it. Greate how this react to the big arena shows the give these days. Loved the Motors and fireworks!


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