Motion Theory : NFL

Motion Theory : NFL

So Super Bowl XLIII has come and gone. That doesn’t mean we should overlook one of the few commercials that premiered during the big game that actually had something to do with football.

Motion Theory’s ‘Run’ takes viewers on a journey through the “other” season of NFL running back Darren McFadden. It follows him through the combine, the draft, training camp, practice, and then the opening game of the season. Directed by Mathew Cullen, who has an impeccable eye for detail, the spot is chock full of layers that build around the NFL star. Cullen and the Motion Theory team, led by Senior Art Director Kaan Atilla and VFX supervisor Bryan Godwin, had a very tight schedule to create the evocative, layered journey that highlights all the work and preparation that goes into a great NFL season.

Also, big congratulations to Mathew for winning the Grammy last night for Short Form Music Video Director.

NFL “Run”
Airdate: 2/1/09
Client: NFL Network
Agency Consultant: Mering Carson
Partner & Creative Director: Greg Carson, Dave Mering
Executive Producer: Liz Ross
Sr. Art Director: Lucho Ortega
Sr. Art Director: Dennis Milllete
Sr. Copywriter: Scott Conway
Copywriter: Jeffrey Butterworth
Production Company: Motion Theory
Director: Mathew Cullen
DP: Claudio Miranda
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Line Producer: Bernard Rahill
VFX Company: Motion Theory
Sr. Art Director: Kaan Atilla
VFX Supervisor: Bryan Godwin
Comp Lead: Danny Yoon
Producer: Matt Winkel
Lighting Lead: Charles Paek
CG Lead: Danny Zobrist
Designers: Heidi Berg, Jenny Ko, Angela Zhu
2D Animation: Joseph Chan, Evan Parsons, TJ Sochor
3D Artists: Ben Grangereau, Michael Clarke, Jericho Green
Lighter: Matt Bell
Modeler: Troy Barsness
Compositors: Deke Kincaid, TJ Sochor
Previsualization: Patrick Rodriguez
Rotoscope Artist: Amy Paskow, Eric Almeras, Mike Boden, Megan Gaffney, Kanae Morton, Eva Snyder
Matte Painters: Ram Bhat, Pete Pace
Flame Artists: Matt Motal (1.1 VFX), Danny Yoon (1.1.VFX), Carlos Morales, Rob Winfield
Post Production Manager: Sheri Patterson
Post Production Assistant: Rebecca Lindberg
Editorial Company: String
Editor: Doron Dor
Assistant Editor: Greg Kim
Editorial Coordinator: Peter Nelson
Finishing: Danny Yoon (1.1.VFX)
Music Superbowl: Lime Studios
Music Probowl:  Bongo Post


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Wow, another original vision by Mth. One shot with all this noise around it. Pure brilliance. Matte lines, galore. Lets put as much crap in there as we can so we can hide all the poor footage, poor comps. The flame guy should get the grammy for making this look even remotely decent. Is this 1988?


broken link?


Yeah, I think there’s a broken link to jojohobo’s personal portfolio site.


The only broken link is the link to original ideas. Listen to some Bill Hicks recordings. If people would stop kissing everyone’s ass we may see some real visions, not rehashed stuff, with bad work hidden by blur filters and random movements.

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