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Paris-based production company Mr. Hyde has launched an interesting new initiative, The Hyde Tube, which invites directors anywhere in the world to submit their work for possible inclusion in a juried online “film festival.” That in itself is nothing new. The twist comes here:

Clients will contact The Hyde Tube in order to pass on a project to a specific director, who is then free to decide whether or not to accept it. If accepted, the director will write a treatment or make an animated test within 3 to 5 days. For this work you will receive approximately 500€.

If the client is happy with the treatment and decides that the director will make the film, The Hyde Tube will connect the director with the client, and Mr Hyde or one of its affiliate studios will oversee the production until the film delivery.

The director’s fee will be 10 percent of the budget, the first half payable on the first day of production and the rest upon delivery of the finished film.

By putting all the terms up front, including a guaranteed (though modest) pitch fee, it seems like Mr. Hyde is earnestly trying to cover their bases. Of course, this all relies on transparency regarding the budget, without which the 10 percent number is meaningless. It seems that in order for this work well for everyone involved, the budget will need to be disclosed from the very start.

Another potential snag: The Hyde Tube is launching with 100 directors, and they plan on adding many more. What client is going to sift through all that? There’s no mention of a sales team, which would normally steer potential clients toward relevant (and available) talent.

What do you think? Are there other concerns this might raise? Or is this a win-win scenario for up-and-coming directors?

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Like you said, having a reasonable budget to recieve 10% of is the most important thing. If too many directors are featured, however, it could become difficult to even be considered for a project.


Just FWIW (and full disclosure, I am one of the people I am about to describe), Mr. Hyde is represented here in the U.S. by Curious Pictures, so in addition to the contacts in Paris there are salespeople here to help pair clients up with the right talent and matchmake as needed. So for those clients who would want help with that, they can contact Curious…


I don’t really agree with your comments. This is a very good opportunity for directors but also a great tool for creatives and clients to discover new talent.
I am a creative at TBWA Paris and I like to see many different things and have the opportunity to decide on my own.
I did not test yet but as they explain, The Hyde Tube’s crew is available if we need help.

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