Logan: Lexus Rx


There is not much info yet on these eight fully-CG spots for the Lexus RX, but i’m sure that Logan’s name on the director’s chair means you guys probably don’t wanna miss this!



well crafted, some wonderfold frames in there. but i dont understand the cgish look and why that much chromatic abberation? dont get me wrong,nothing wrong with stylistic, but these spots look too clean for me.


not too clean for me, i think these were “wonderfold”. great job frenchies!


I don’t quite get the use of CG for these spots. The CG work leverages very little of what normally decides that a spot be CG (except, of course, for the obligatory inside-the-engine shot). Further, the stylization of the CG is neither here (truly believable photo-real) nor there (stylization for creative effect). Perhaps it was budget? Big city helicopter shots are not cheap…


beautiful- perfectly stylized in my opinion! They look beautiful on the RX site as well, on


very obviously CG looking. Car’s paints haven’t looked that glossy…ever, really. Odd velocities due to scale (road passes quickly while wheels don’t rotate as quickly, etc). Odd focal length choices when compared to practical shoots. Wouldn’t leaves blow around due to air turbulence around the car? Stuff like that goes a long way.

Nicely done overall, just little things that get in the way.


i agree that the CG look takes away from it a little bit; it doesn’t look *quite* stylized enough to shows its intent, nor quite perfect enough to look real.

for me the bigger losses were shots that missed opportunities to make improvements to the story, which left it all feeling a little cold and soulless; i couldn’t empathise with them at all. i got the feeling that they were more designed by tinkerers than directed by storytellers. too much work in too little time? 8 spots is an awful lot.

a couple of signature logan elements in there that i loved, though.

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