Santa Maria: Ronald McDonald House


Hornet Inc.’s Santa Maria built a mixed media playground for the Ronald McDonald House and agency Leo Burnett in this 2’38” spot.

2D, 3D, stop-action, claymation, practical, digital—there’s just about everything in here. My favorite moments are the bursts of cheerful, hand-hewn type.

I’m fairly certain folks will be divided over this one: half feeling that it’s a happy ensemble of imagery, the other half feeling it goes a bit too far. Personally, I like it, and I think it works. It’s as if an entire morning of Saturday cartoons from my childhood has been condensed into an elaborate nugget. It’s warm, earnest and pure.

Watch the making-of video

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oh I love it! a little long to get to the point, but still very quaint.


i liked this also, the length got a little indulgent, but at least they kept blessing us with more visual treats, never chilling too long in one place. definitely like the DiY style, probably could have gotten a little more sophistocated with some of the stop motion stuff so it didn’t come off as “art school” as i think it did in places.



Great job guys love it


great and inspiring job. loved it ;)

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