Three Legged Legs for NASA

Three Legged Legs for NASA

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Matt Lambert

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And I thought it was for NASA that space agency…

Good work even though it wasn’t the NASA I was hoping for.


this ones not bad, but if anyone else was at the flux screening this premiered at, the logan date farmers video is what needs to get posted like yesterday.


The extensive making-of is a nice, thoughtful touch.It sounds like they went through a world of pain to get this together!

Simon Robson

2 weeks to create this? My God…they should work for NASA! (Sound of rim-shot)…


…i just watched the HD download version and gotta say it looks stunning at it’s intended size

nice work.


Unless I am going crazy here, it looks like this version has been worked on a LOT since the first screening at Flux a month ago, so I’d guess it was definitely more than 2 weeks to work on this.. maybe 6 weeks?? This version looks much better, but I’m not overly crazy about the style of the “psychedelic effects” parts.. looks a bit jumbled and inconsistent, maybe that was the idea though.


good job fellas, but i feel like you could have easily hid about 10 more penises in there. maybe next time. see ya all soon


truly a great vid. seen it at flux too. both this and the logan vid were super tight. and the one with the animals heads getting sliced. do remember thinking the projection quality was suspect all night.

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