LEGS: Bravery

LEGS are back with another off-the-wall web-film for Diesel. You may remember them from last fall when they launched with a web campaign that included ‘Pete the Meat Puppet’. This one, for Diesel/L’Oreal’s new fragrance Only the Brave, is three films that play at once to create a fourth.

The three films in this triptych deal with themes of heart, mind and nerve. The centerpiece of mind narrates the other more abstract, non-linear pieces. Legs managed to mash-up a wide range of film vernacular in the process. The obvious quotations of Lynch and expanded-cinema pioneer, Brakhage are backed up by an array of other references including Jurgen Leth, Jarmusch, Sam Raimi, Dario Argento and the graveyard scene in Easy Rider.

Though this didn’t have the budget of the piece featured in my last post, it is still another great example of the freedom directors are being given within the realm of online-content creation. Legs was given a great opportunity to flex their writing and directing chops with an assumed creative freedom that would likely be unmatched in an on-air environment.

Client: L’Oreal/ Diesel
Agency: Sub Rosa
Creative Director: Michael Ventura
Art Director: Bryan Hodge
Copywriter: Legs
Agency Producer: Brent Cheatham

Production Company: Legs
Director: Legs
Director of Photography: Scott Beardslee
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Line Producer: Emily Wiedemann
Editor & company: Paul Snyder at Lost Planet
Visual Effects: Paul Snyder
Sound Design: Ryan Price at Sound Lounge
Music: Geremy Jasper, Jason Binnick