David O’Reilly M.I.A Visuals

The prodigious David O’Reilly pops some colours for M.I.A (Please also make sure to check his Agency Contact Page)

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Agency Contact Page is extremely NSFW.


get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.


It looks like work in progress. There is no point watching this video. Bizarre! Poorly done. I wish there is more poetic looks rather than watching and listening to something undone. Or it’s just my taste :(


what? this isnt even antialiased!!! is everyone blind? this doesnt even have a vignette or any nice design elements.
ive been sending my work into motionographer for years (which is definitely better designed than this) and it’s never even been a quickie


I think if you look at the rest of O’Riley’s work you can see that he intends these graphics for the MIA visuals to be rough looking. A sort of digital abstract expressionism.

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