Optix Digital for Bontrust and Inlingua


NOTE: Some people might find this not safe for work (NSFW).

Optix Digital, based in Hamburg, Germany, flexes their muscles in two new CG spots. First up is Bontrust “Geldvermehrung” (marginally NSFW).

This may be one of the strongest metaphors I’ve seen in a while for global economic convergence. It’s also loads of fun. Unique character designs and a full narrative arc are packed into the tiny space of the spot.

The circling cameras and love-bird music set the perfect stage for what lay ahead at the climax of the story. (Wink, wink.) I wish we could get away with making this type of work in the States!

For a little more behind the Bontrust project, including process images from Optix, read on.


Next up, an action-packed, type-based spot for Inlingua.

Key words and economic phrases comprise helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, and explosions—all obstacles we fight as we make our way toward the final goal. The POV camera work and excellent sound design help sell the ambiance of warfare and chaos as we duck in and around bunkers and dodge bombs of type.


Client: Bontrust Finance

Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH, Fedja Kehl / Paul von Mühlendahl

Production: OPTIX Kreation

Producer: Steffi Beck, Tobias Ziegler

Creation: Andreas Pohl (CD / animation director), Petra Delitsch (AD)

3D Animation: Markus Geerts (Leadartist), Michael Gottschalk, Florian Weyh, Marc Goecke




This first spot cracked me up! and on top of that I like the world they create out of monies. Very cool.


Amazing projects, nice post Greg!


I don’t know why, but as a british man, seeing the queen nosh anyone off, an american in particular, offends me.


Oh man…sad to see how little they know about their own history…that woman is German Composer Clara Schumann…I remember her face on the 100 German Mark banknote…


well, firstly, the woman in the advert (the queen) has Bank of England & Twenty Pounds written all over her & if this was a 100 mark note, then it wouldn’t be my history now would it. lame pointless internet abuse.

also, why would they use void currency in the ad?


I think both spots are technically superb!! However the first spot… I just feel is bad advertising. I’m personally not offended by it, but if I had kids would I want them to see that on TV? I know the rules are different over in europe, but to me resorting to sexual connotations as a means of conveying your brand’s message is the easy way out. I’ve always thought that it’s something to resort to when you simply can’t come up with a better idea. I’m not saying that this is the case for all brands, but for this one it made me not want to invest with them.


I didn’t even bother watching the second one because I thought that the first one was in such poor taste. I was disappointed because it was so well crafted visually. Some times I feel like I work in an industry with a bunch of 13 year boys. It just goes to show that talent and money doesn’t account for taste. Kids in the room or not; it’s best that this kind of poor advertising not be forced upon society. Whatever happened to good old fashioned creativity? Flippant sexual references used to sell a product/service have got to be the lowest form of advertising. If you can’t find any virtue in your product to celebrate, then maybe the campaign needs to go to someone else who can come up with an idea. We cringe at the thought of using other cop outs like drop shadows and gradients, bad fonts, wrote ideas, or other cliché’s, but for some reason think it’s really bold to use sex. I find it insulting to my intelligence, but then again I suppose it’s meant to appeal to the baser sides of people which uses no thought. I wouldn’t harp on this so much but for the fact that it’s being touted so much on this site (which is my favorite site). I for one am glad people can’t get away with making this sort of “work” in the states. Keep your private life private. No one else wants to see it. I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of immature and slanderous replies for writing this for not having the same opinion or being as enlightened as everyone else. I think we can do better than this.

Marc B.

You’re taking it all way too serious. And yes sex is something most people including myself enjoy and it’s part of our daily lives. We can make fun about it and ourselves too.

I for one like them. The first one is fun to watch and nicely executed for a studio I’ve never heard of but then again probably the only german studio i know is Sehsuct. Not so crazy about the second one. Here on the other hand I think we should put an end to objects and things made of type. I really like the original one that introduced this in the musicvideo “The Child” many years ago.


Bontrust’s ad is not only in poor taste, it is a foolish marketing strategy. The reason these faces are on money is because, to many, they are national heroes. This is the group I’m supposed to trust my retirement fund with?

Interesting we didn’t see any German political heroes in the orgy.


BTW. That first spot is ultimately tasteless. Well made for a german production, but really, really tasteless. I mean, they intentionally altered Clara Schumann`s hairdo and placed her onto an english banknote to hide who it really is and “save” her honour since basically they`ve made her a whore.

Marc B.

Jeez people lighten up!

We can’t make fun of Clara Shuwhatever or the Queen?


its just a freaking bad concept. i want my bank to treat my money with respect not fuck around with it.

and theres loads of other ways they couldve shown it, á la arabian nights behind a curtain, only showing the shadows doing their thing or whatever.. but actually showing her giving head ? way too immature.

Marc B.

Team America (F@@k yeah!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfzaSJr3IvM


thanks captain obvious.


hahahaha.. This spot rocks!! This is the real face of our reality. Damn yankees!! (and all the G8).


How is this the face of reality? What exactly is that supposed to mean? It’s there so we should plaster it all over everything? That’s your reality pal.


Of course “pal”.. That’s the reality. And I’m not guilty about your ignorance.


Oh my…
This is so typical again.
Nobody minds the tanks and the general war theme in the second spot, but everybody freaks out because there are some sex scenes in the first spot.

Btw. that certainly IS Clara Schuhmann and I have no idea why anybody should find this spot offensive at all.



(lolololol get it ? *snort snort*)

i think its less about being offensive and more about being a bad ad, considering the company they are trying to win customers for.


your right, there are rules about using the queens image from moneys etc, probably for this exact reason.


very poor story! very poor direction.

Simon Robson

i never thought i’d say this, but i agree with Marc B on this one…


Ah c’mon, lighten up. I know this spot for some time now and I just found it funny. Maybe it’s because i’m from the Netherlands (other ethics) and but I never thought people would react this way to this spot. It’s just a joke, nothing serious. It would be way less funny if they gave only hints and didn’t show the deed itself. But that’s my humble opinion.

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