Dan Sumich/Passion: Action for Children

Dan Sumich/Passion: Action for Children. Audio by Radium Music and Sound.

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way too similar to this one:

anyone else had it in mind once he started watching?


I wonder if BLU was actually involved with this? It is remarkably similar..

Marc B.

I don’t wanna bash it since it’s Action for Children and the outcome is neat but here’s my take.

You probably already know how the advertising industry works and a recent out of school rookie like me dun need to tell ya. But basically a so called “creative” from an ad agency was very “creative”, saw a cool video on the internets and wants to do the same for their campaign.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Dan Sumich and Passionate Pictures should have said “Listen guys. I really love this project and I wanna do it but only if I can keep some dignity and do it my own way (presses the play button and we hear Frank Sinatra’s song). And you don’t have a lot of money either. I know you called up BLU and he was occupied with painting his grandma’s house but seriously do we really need to rip off his cool MUTO piece?! ”

Ad agency: “Yes. And if you don’t wanna do it we might as well go and call up the guys at Partizan or Nexus. They’re always desperate for work.”

Passion. “OK OK we’ll do it. Fine! 50% upfront right?”

That’s all folks.


I can understand what you saying, special because I was in the same situation with the same kind of work.
The only funny thing is see Passion doing it. I did a Job for a smaller Studio in London for BBC 6Music (https://www.thiago.tv/2009/02/bbc-6music-promo/) in the same of think…like the agency wanted to copy BLU, but I did all digital, nothing in the wall…
We did end of December and it was on BBC all the time from January…few months after came this video like coping what BLU originally did and we copy and they copy BLU and us.


why wave it in front of your potential clients when you’re supposed to sell creativity?

And especially for a company who represents 1st ave Machine, Romain Seguad, Brand New school…


perhaps someone from motionographer can explain why this piece is featured? its obvious why sumich did it – marc b explained it very clearly. the reality is that we have to feed ourselves and that frequently involves some loss of dignity. the much more worrisome question is, why is it being featured on this site with all that it stands for? are you criticizing sumich for his obvious plagiarism? or praising it as a fine execution of someone else’s idea in a capitalist world? we should know where you stand.

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