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To christen their new site, Auckland-based Oktobor has released three gorgeous spots for Tiger Beer and agency Saatchi and Saatchi Worldwide.

The spots star the architecture of London, New York and Paris as each city self-assembles from an a different material. This project was so technically challenging that I imagine it could have quickly become a soulless exercise in clone-based animation, but the lighting, rendering and palpably real texturing kept that from happening.

The general concept of self-assembling cities isn’t new (Tronic’s GE “Imagination” comes to mind), but Oktobor’s attention to detail is outstanding. The buttery smooth animation of the bricks in London mesmerizes me even on the third and fourth viewings, and I relish each and every shadow’s crispness and realism.

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Really nice buildups! love it!


That is really good work.


Wow! That is some incredible work… Truly motion design.

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