The Youtube Dilemma


The Youtube Dilemma: an essay on inspiration, plagiarism and rip-offs in advertising on Creative Review.


Marc B.

Hehehehe you got it from my tweet didn’t ya :D


secretly we all want to be like you.


funny how the above image is just noted as some “youtube” video, when it was created by nemo design for nike.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Well, the image above isn’t titled as anything, but I did name it “Dave England Ballon Bowl” which is what i found by going to youtube and finding the piece! It sort of illustrates the problem perfectly… Films can get put up on YouTube by anyone and don’t necessarily include credits or an attribution or links back to the actual creators.

I can’t find that piece on Nemo’s site, either, but in any case here it is:

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