Supinfocom: Cafe Serre

School’s out at Supinfocom, and the end of year projects keep rolling in. Everything we’ve seen so far is astounding, and “Café Serré” only adds to the school’s already imposing reputation.

Created by Vincent E Sousa, Bertrand Avril, Yann de Préval and Denis Bouyer, the film ticks along with a series of brilliant sight gags that fit together like a finely crafted puzzle—all with just two characters and a single set.

I love the lighting in the establishing shots. Drink in the architectural details of the interior and the soft interplay of light on its various surfaces. Lovely.

The camera work, while mostly stationary, moves the story forward with confidence, using simple two-shots, close-ups and some subtle rack-focus to keep the action tight in the frame.

“Café Serré” was made for the Canal J Contest, created five years ago. Its participants are all from French Animation Schools, so you know the competition is stiff. This year, 7 schools participated, contributing 54 different short films. You can see the other competitors here.

Want more? Check out this selection of work from other Supinfocom students:

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Tyquane Wright

nice job :)
and its a minute piece…all around awesome job

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