Assassin’s Creed II


Awesome cinematic trailer for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II

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Very beautiful. One of the most photoreal cinematics I’ve seen…ever!


Who did this trailer? Anyone?


Great animation!


I can not believe this is only in the quickies and not a full feature. I totally agree with cozy. Absolutely photoreal, the materials and the diversity in the clothing are phenomenal. Environments, art-direction and lighting: perfect ! Animation: convincing ! Direction and storytelling: amazing !

Deep respect for your work, Ubisoft, this is a master piece with a great concept and perfect execution!

Overall, this trailer has a better art-direction than most of the commercial mograph crap out there (I am sorry for my harsh words but that is how I feel with some work around here) so please give it the attention that i deserves! :-)

Boca Ceravolo

We’re gathering more info on this project, hang in there guys, more coming soon. ;-)


Would like to know what software / renderer was used.. Really great work all around. The attention to detail is outstanding..


Ok, somehow I had a feeling that my all time favourite Digic is behind this. Seems like they are…

Not that it really matters, but for the people asking about what software was used: AFAIK they use Maya and Renderman.


Absolutely fantastic. About to watch it for the fifth time in a row.


simply mindblowing!

the dance scene is insane!

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