Modul: Diploma Project by Maxim Zhestkov


Young designer/director Maxim Zhestkov has just released his diploma project,  entitled “Modul.”

Explains Maxim: “I’ve tried to reflect the universe in infinite confinement. Pulsating energy and magnetism. Confrontation and the pursuit of something great, a goal that an observer can not understand not being involved in the process.”

Sound by Marcelo ‘Combustion’ Baldin.



Russia brilliant


Hate to play the philistine, but doesn’t the description basically say, “Shit happens that you don’t understand because you can’t understand it”?

Overall, it’s nice: the restraint is appropriate and the visual language strong and consistent with the motion – but i’m not sure this is front page good.

But my opinions are shit, so either way.


I really like the piece and I’ve been a fan of his work since I first discovered him (probably through this site).
What I like about him is that he is just out there “musing” with graphics. He works within some pretty established constraints and he finds a bunch of ways to do new things within them.

If this is his thesis, it will be interesting if and how his style will translate to the commercial marketplace. Would people come to him because of what he already does (like Universal Everything) or will he have to bend and adapt a bunch to make it out there in sellout-land.

Either way, I’ll click the link whenever I see his name.


I’m a big fun of his work and this one is good, but it is a quickies material indeed.

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