These Days and Finger Industries are ‘Friends of Glass’

Dutch agency These Days along with Sheffield based animation house Finger Industries have produced this heart warming viral for Friends of Glass. The animation makes up part of a well conceived campaign to encourage the use of glass over plastics and so on, because of its ability to be recycled 100%.

Hank the bottle (Although he has had many previous incarnations) acts as spokes bottle, cheer bottle and vocalist (Sorry, couldn’t squeeze ‘bottle’ in there) for his own tune which spins the yarn of his own super resilient life story.

Creating a convincing and entertaining character to head up a campaign is no easy task and in clumsy hands this can result in a head-shaking cheese-fest. But thanks to some deft lyrics writing by Paul Van Oevelen at These days and sweet animation work by Finger Industries, the result is a character and viral that really ‘warms the cockles’.

Also, make sure to check out all the letters on the accompanying website addressed to various luminaries of the showbiz world. The agency really rinse out the schwarzenegger joke that makes up the backbone of the campaign, as well coming up with a few more gems. Trying to get ‘Plastic Bertrand’ to change his name to ‘Glass Bertrand’ certainly raised a smile in the Robson household…

Concept: Paul Van Oevelen (copy), Bram Van Looveren (AD)
Creative Direction: Sam De Volder
Design: Bert Beckers, Valentijn Destoop
Development: Geoffrey De Muer, Tom De Pauw, Greg Vandevyver, Kathy Van de Gaer
Strategy: Karin De Bruyn, Tim Willems
AM/PM: Sylvie Versteylen, Liesbeth Stevens
TV-Producer: Bruno Dejonghe
Music: Thierry Van Durme
Voice: Chris Brooker
Animation: Finger Industries

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You don’t really need awesome graphics to make awesome work!
Thanks for sharing!


Nice work, loved the story. Visually I really like the part of the fishermen! Interesting, a studio in Sheffield! I love Sheffield!

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