Stardust Updates with a New Site and Reel

Stardust Updates with a New Site and Reel

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wow, awesome website if you dont want to find the movie you are looking for, if you dont have a netbook or if you actually dont want to watch the movies (5 minutes and the reel did not even load). Damn, i thought the flash days were over.


Its hard to find the right words that explain how confused I am about this showreel.

One of the finest motiondesign-reels ever combined with the most unfitting music-mixdown i’´ve ever listened to. I my opinion a cruel insult to all artists who worked on the stunning visuals.

I’m sorry but…arrrrggg…Its really a pity!


dude, at least you got it to load, i didnt even have the chance.


is this for real?

Marc B.

I don’t have the f * *g nerves for websites like these.

Didn’t StarDizzy learn from their previous horrible flash sites? Especially from the one by uber flash prick Joshua Davis who created some of the most horrible sites in web history?

When I see a flash loader I just close the damn browser. I’m from Austin there we like good ol’ fashioned HTML or whatever it’s called now. I want to see the work and if I want to ride a roller-coaster I go to Disneyland.

Nevertheless and out of curiosity I gave it a chance and waited 5 minutes to get to the actual work. When I finally got there I started to get all dizzy from the panning. Is that what I was waiting for? Yes it’s one of those things flash could do 10 years ago, whoopdidoo! Why didn’t you add little stars following my mouse cursor? Here’s a tutorial for you
It’s not too late yet to add these.

Now I had to wait again for the actual work to load. Brilliant.

Then I watched the reel only to be punched in the face once more by one of the most horrible mash ups ever.

Sorry I can’t enjoy the work after being raped by a flash site like this one.


you guys are lame, the flash is a bit buggy still but there is some good new work on there


Works ARE great, but site not user friendly at all.
Putting all works in one big archive and giving direct download link to it
will work way better for me.


music??? ARRRRRRRGH! terrible. Fantastic work as always.


Stardust is a cool company, but ever since I know them, their site sucked.


so many uppity people on here.
however, shitty compression on the reel, and I would never send a client there.


REALLY…. Im saddened to see this er kinda see this… I wouldn’t load, the flash is really bad and the design is so cluttered I had to figure it out (i shouldn’t have to figure a website out. IMO!) and then the MUSIC good I’m glad you just figured out that Ableton can beat match for you but this is just bad taste… stardust i still love you but your not making it easy

Miss Vicious

Who selected that song and how did it pass the approval process? Should have left it silent. I’m stunned. And having to pan the site all over the place… very annoying. Seems like the entire project was done in a rush (or by interns) and they couldn’t afford to add menus. As a client, i wouldn’t take the time to browse the site. Love their work, but this really needs a redo.


damn they even managed to summon “marc b” out of his cave with this one! epic troll


what a shame, work is nice, but the website is not functional, and i cant seem to watch more then 5 secs without it stalling….


same here, i tried to watch a couple of projects but it kept skipping loads of frames and finally crashed my browser.


works perfect now.. they fixed all the bugs.. you guys can all stop the HATE.

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