“Blood Trail” (Updated with interview and making-of)

Warning: Extreme gore and violence. Content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Nathan Love’s latest masterwork, “Blood Trail,” is a neo-renaissance for the studio, a breakthrough as they launch into game and film territory.

“Blood Trail” unfolds mysteriously. Its subtle storyline is boosted by bloody, body-ripping visuals that are fervently executed as Nathan dives into uncomfortable CG guts territory. Consequently, this animation is gorrific, ultra violent, horror-themed, over the top CG storytelling in all its glorious might.


Nathan Love graciously chatted with us about this project, sharing their process imagery and delving deep into the details. Check it out.

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That was absolutly disgusting …. Loooving the concept of an animated horror film, would have never thought how realisitic it could seem, the whole mood was really set up well by the writer. As far as the gore, well I guess you can’t pull off that much in a non-animated movie, and have it fly by with audiences so smart move. Very interested in seeing and hearing more ….


Ya know who’s awesome? The people at Nathan Love, that’s who.


that was hot. well done gang!


well its well done.. but its disgusting… watched it before going to sleep and it was too much… Last scene… ouch…


Very nice..makes me want to go camping..


saw this at the NYC siggraph industry spotlight event. watching it on the big screen was awesome and hearing the reactions was even better.


amazing design+animation… the effects could use some help, specially the blood( no color tinting, thick blobby mesh, no texture interaction, no wetmaps).

still amazing tho, Great job!!!

Simon Robson

great work! now i fancy steak for dinner…


This was so disturbing. I don’t see the point of this. Might as well watch a man get mauled to death by a pride of lions while his family watches in horror. Yeah you can find that on Youtube.

As the technical rendering, animation and lighting is top notch, I’m not going to say its beautiful by any means.

The Kimbo Slice fight videos are pretty messed up too. Lets see that in CG


Don’t see the point? Hahaha, ok grandpa….

This is a horror piece. Over-the-top, yes – but comparing it to kimbo slice beating the crap out of someone? c’mon. The art in this lies in the setup, pacing and sound design. the rest is just Nathan being A#$holes, and loving it! :)


If this disturbs you, you should stay in doors or off CNN. It’s stylized and cool. You’d probably get misty eyed if someone ripped an Alf doll in half too. Animated Horror is the logical next step and this piece was really well done. Seems like the perfect story to explore the genre… a slasher film or a contemporary period just would’nt work. Way to push the envelope guys! Can’t wait to see the feature.


animated horror is the logical next step?… i’d just say it was a step…

I agree with jetle just a bit. this was quite horrific. I don’t get that grossed out easily but this kinda did it for me. I don’t see the point either of an animated horror flick… other than just to make one.

So yea, all the cg / animation – solid. What it is… not a fan. But that’s me. Sure others who are down for people getting their jaws ripped off will love it :P


I think the fact that a stylized piece like this is able to get these reactions out of people is the important part. These characters don’t look realistic, but those bad asses at NL were able to breathe enough life into them to make watching them die feel horrific.

Making us not only feel these things, but also debate it’s “point”? This is art.


I disagree. The fact that it gets a “reaction” out of people does nothing to enhance it, and is perhaps the same kind of reaction I get when I see a cheesy slasher film. If they wanted to STYLIZE it, they they should have made more STYLISTIC efforts. It has no style. But lets not sit here and debate the merits of how amazing, or how un-amazing Nathan.

But guys Nathan, c’mon. It’s just not class to spam the Comments Section. We know there was probably a lot of time and money spent on this spot, but in those instances, youre head is often too far in the process to actually see the light, and realize how subpar a spot like this is. We don’t need spoon-fed our opinions.


I have no problem with your opinion. This is obviously not for everyone, and those of us that like “cheesy slasher films” seem to feel that this is an excellent example of the genre. I do however have a problem with it being called “subpar”. I need to see some examples of this done better before I can let that one go.

I also take offense at your insinuation that I work for Nathan Love. I should be so lucky to make things that get people so riled up.


Hi bach,

My main criticism was this: if you’re doing an homage to a genre, then do so accordingly, and don’t get caught up in the CG aspect of it, for the sake of doing a bunch of cool effects that do nothing to COMPLIMENT the style of the genre you’re being inspired from. Here’s an example:


I don’t know what studio did it, but watching it, you instantly understand they they’re doing a playful, clever, and successful homage to the Classic Horror genre. I don’t know why the spot, in my opinion, lacked those stylistic measures that the piece I linked you to is full of. I suspect that there was (now don’t take offense) not a strong sense of Creative Direction on this project. In my opinion, if there was a more clear, concise, and stylistic approach to the genre you’re spoofing, it would be alot more successful.

I’ll wrap up by saying that I do like Nathan Loves work. I just think this spot is a blemish to the nice portfolio they’ve had, up to this point. In my opinion, it subtracts from the overall level of quality (especially animation), that the studio has since then exemplified.

Case closed. Lets move on.


I understand that not everyone is a fan or GETS what this is. Horror is an acquired taste but to compare that horrible homage to what these guys just did is pretty laughable. That crap wouldnt even be considered the same genre. Lets make a contemporary movie without blood and guts and see what the markets reaction to it will be.

Whether you like it or not, there is a huge market for this.

Greg Herman

You didn’t bother to read the interview I take it. It was definitely not an homage to the horror genre in any way. It was based off of a screenplay written by screenwriter Matt Cochran, meant to be a trailer for a film he has been writing for some time. So it is really just a small taste of a much bigger and more detailed picture.

Beautiful post Lauren, great Interview, (I read it twice) and absolutely killer process stuff!

Nathan Love and all others who worked on this :: Mad props, total respect. This shows the breath of your diversity as awesome storytellers. Nice work.


that link you posted was… rather rough in comparison. not even close to the quality of what NL did. i got bored watching that vid… where with Blood Trail i wanted to look away so bad but couldn’t. I mean… i hate slashers… but i ended up frame by framing the vid of ’em getting torn to shreds. I’m sure a lot of us did.

and the animation in this is considered bad compared to their other work?!?!?… that’s quite an insane compliment in my opinion. animation in this is pretty damn good.


I agree with Phibs. I really tried to watch that entire music video but it was pretty bad. This music video doesn’t seem like an homage to me. It seems more like a ripoff of the classics in an attempt to hide a meaningless pop sing.


well if grandpa means desensitized to a point where we have to start simulating murder to the Nth degree then so be it. How about we push the envelope even more and make a game simulating Rape. O wait it was already made!!! Rape Lay. I’m just questioning some peoples way of rationalizing it as “art” or even “the next rational step”.

I personally didn’t like the subject matter or story. But the CG is amazing. Thats about it.


People: Don’t worry about getting desensitized to monsters. They don’t exist so they certainly can’t kill you or (Gasp!) rape you.


I always thought the most effective horror movies were the ones that play on your imagination… and hold back on showing every little detail. With the infinite image capabilities of CGI, is using a little restraint a lost art? (and yes, i understand this film was a showcase for gore-effects. but whatever, just a random thought).

Marc B.



If this piece makes you so tired, why bother wasting energy on leaving pointless comments? -___________-


i think the term “jaw dropping”… fits perfectly for this spot… great work, nathan love always seems to impress.


I thought it was ….just done in poor taste.


More incredible work, from an incredible bunch of artists. 5 stars.


I’m sorry, but this piece is far from impressive. Despite efforts from Nathan Love employees to spam the Motionographer board and tell us all how amazing they are (here in the comments area), it can’t hide the fact that the animation is SOPHOMORIC. The violence is gratuitous, disgusting, and uncalled for. What teenage boy directed this?

The only good thing about it are some of the bells and whistles, but still, that doesn’t hide the fact that this spot is a failure on levels of artistic quality.

Dan Vislocky

Sorry you found a dildo in your cheerios this morning there buddy.

No one from Nathan Love has posted comments on this thing until me, and whoa looky here, I’m using my real name!

Constructive criticism is always welcome, but I’m sorry to say I can’t keep quite over your comment in particular. We’re proud of our work, but there are no superstar egos at Nathan, that would need to post self-gratifying comments on a motionographer post, just to build ourselves up.

I’d love to chat with you some time and maybe see some of your own work. This is something that I and others have poured tons of time, effort, and creativity, to produce, it’d be great to see what kind of basis you have to tear it apart under an anonymous name.

You don’t know Nathan Love. Thanks for having enough interest to share your feelings though, and sorry we put that frowny face on ya!

Single tear,


Ofcourse, who didn’t know this would happen (I did)? When an artist who has the audacity to question the quality of work, those who do get crucified. It’s predictable, and on a personal level, tacky. Ofcourse, when one has the fortitude to stand up, and play devils advocate on a spot such a this, they are attacked, and asked to identify themselves personally, so they as a result, can be persecuted professionally. Who died and made you the all-mighty authority on the industry?

But, since you speak for Nathan Love, Dan, I take it that those who dissent against the quality of a work must now be “qualified,” to speak against it, for if we’re not, we are surely not certified? On a lesser note, the implied joke that I found a “dildo in my cheerios” does nothing more than to underscore the maturity level of yourself, and the studio as a whole. Great opening remark, Dan. You should do stand-up.

Lastly, I don’t know who you are, and personally, don’t care. Your opinion on my critique, and your ego-role as Spokesman of Nathan Love do nothing to change my opinion. I’m a viewer of the work, and IN-MY-OPINION, it’s terrible (with the exception of the various simulation effects).

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Dan Vislocky

You probably shouldn’t sit on the dildo after you pull it out of your cheerios, it might cause you to make a follow-up post with a lot of fancy words that don’t do anything to help your point.

First of all, I’m not the spokesperson for Nathan Love. It was my opinion, just as you shared yours. My post wasn’t to change your mind either, it was just to point out the fact that you have no tact.

I’m not saying it was the greatest thing ever created, nor is anything that we do. I also never presented myself as the “industry authority”. I’m simply defending something that I put a great deal of work into. I can even say that there’s many things still wrong with it, that I would have loved to fix, or add in.

You’re entitled to your opinions, and like I said, I welcome constructive criticism on anything I’ve ever done. Sure, it might not give you the warm fuzzy feeling that you got when your mom lets you stay up late last thursday to play videogames, but that doesn’t mean you need to be an outright A-holio and destroy it. IT DID SAY VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

You could have easily got the same feeling across without sounding, YOURSELF, like some sort of authority on what good animation, or horror is. As a viewer of your posts, IN-MY-OPINION, you’re a douche. SMILEY FACE! :)

Lastly, don’t question my maturity level after posting like you did. I stick up for myself and my work. Not saying I’m some authority on anything. You got your opinions and I got mine (one of mine was that you’re a douche, remember?)

You should probably stop responding.

-Dan again



Seansama Kealey

this is an amazingly entertaining argument and unfortunately i do have to disagree with you dan…only real men eat cheerios, WhoIsWho sounds more like a kashi cereal guy…


dlew love nathan love!
dlew hate anonymous troll!


WhoIsWho?? Cat got your tongue? Or should I say harry tree monster got your tongue? I haven’t seen good gore like this since Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive!
Nathan Love worked it…and also owned it.


Dear Wabash and Dan,

Perhaps I should take lessons from the both of you on how to be a “real man,” but instead, I’ll pass. I wouldn’t want to end up regurgitating the same level of senseless, gratuitously violent, testosterone packed quality that Nathan gave us in their most recent work. I’m sure all you boys are really proud of yourselves, so go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You’re all “real men,” and afterall, who would argue? Not me, especially with the implied anti-gay remarks that are interwoven in the dildo and “real men” comments. Gotta love teenage boys.

But lets stop. Seriously. Why bother resuscitating anymore life into this spot that came in dead on arrival.

PS: I’m flattered, and would love to say I’m a “dude,” but I’m actually of the opposite gender. Surely, this may inspire you to make some sexist remarks, which coming after the string of homophobic “real men” remarks, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Respectfully yours,
(Girl in hiding in a male dominated field)

Dan Vislocky

Forgive me anonymous lady, for implying you were a dude. With each post you make, it just furthers the fact that you have no ground to stand on.

So now this isn’t even about work anymore, it’s about you trying to turn things around so you don’t seem like such a douche bucket? Too late!

As far as I know, dildos aren’t just for gay men (which you are implying), and this may come as a shocker….. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN have butts in which to stick said dildo, after pulling it from cheerios. I appreciate your attempt to say that I’m “anti-gay”, but it’s about as lost as any argument you’ve tried to make so far.

The teenage boy comments too… come on now. Do teenagers work in this industry (which apparently you’re part of)?

Gonna point out the fact that you apparently can’t read very well, or didn’t take any time to wipe enough tears away that you could see that at least 5 women worked on this project extensively. Secondly, this wasn’t Nathan’s own idea, which you could have potentially understood if you had read anything relating to the project, before starting cry-fest 2009.

Your first few posts actually had me respectfully taking your criticism (opinions) into consideration, but then you turned it into all out bash-mode. It seems as if you feel oppressed by this hairy-chest-beating-man-industry, so I can see why you’d hide behind a random screen name in order to shit on someone else’s work in the safety of your anonymity.

As I said before, you don’t have to “qualify” yourself to have an opinion about my work, but I’ll be damned if I don’t stick up for myself when some random know it all takes a big, whiny, tear soaked, woman dump all over something that I, and others (including women, so put down your picket sign) spent a lot of time and effort to create.

I’ll close this one with some advice. I’ll even separate them onto individual lines since you have trouble reading.

-When all the manly 3D men are getting you down, head on over to https://www.kleenex.com

-Take that dildo (don’t worry, it’s not just for gay men) and slap yourself on the hand next time it reaches for the keyboard in order to type a reply.

-At the same time shout at yourself, “No! Don’t post anymore, as it’s just making me look stupid!”

-Listen to yourself and then go ice your hand.

Goodnight random lady, and good luck gaining respect from anyone in the industry if you ever do come out from behind your screen name.



wo, i didn’t mean to get sucked into this word battle. it’s getting a bit stressful, hopefully this thread has allowed you both to blow off some steam. my comment about “cat got your tongue” wasn’t meant to be taken seriously as all gore/splatter flicks need to be taken…not seriously. so i apologize if the “gore” joke was lost in cyber translation and turned out to =immature. bad joke…my bad.

now about blood trail, this is a genre that evokes a lot of emotion, it’s shocking, that’s why it’s done and that’s why blood trail was done and that’s why I like it. sure, people can argue the ins and outs of it’s technical merit but i think this is missing the point, it’s about contributing to a genre (controversial as you can see here) thats been around for a while and now and for good reason. i think Nathan did a respectful job portraying this genre in the digital realm.


Although i am a huge fan of Nathan Love, i have to say this piece seems like gore for the sake of gore, Nosferatu is a good horror movie, Hostel is not.
however I do think it is incredible work and shows off some serious talent.


mostly i just wanted to be commentator number 35. but since i am here, nathan is at the top of their game. period. they continue to amaze me for about 216 reasons.

Igor Sordokhonov

oh Nathans! huge love xoxoxoxooxoxox

Marc B.

Learn english please.
The internets’ American.

Boca Ceravolo

Camon Marc B, that was unnecessary dude…

Lilian Darmono

I believe you meant to say : ‘The internet’s American’. Not : ‘The internets’ American’. Igor here speaks at least 2 languages quite well, Marc. How many do you speak?

Nathan Love

Whatup people.

First of all, thanks to everyone who’s been showing support. It’s nice to know there’s an audience that really enjoyed the piece for what it is, and can appreciate the work that went into it.

For those of you with constructive criticism, thank you too! We realized producing something like this wouldn’t appeal to everyone (my dad loved it and my mom still refuses to watch it), but we went on a limb, went out of our comfort zone, and tried something different. In knowing this, it’s been exhilarating to put the work on display and listen to everyone’s feedback – whether positive or not.

This piece is brutal, no doubt about it, and i still cringe watching some of the scenes myself. During the process, we constantly asked ourselves if we were going to far, but you know what? …that was the point! There is definitely an audience for this genre of work, and the writer clearly understood it. I believed in his vision, was excited for the challenge, and decided to go for it… we all did!

Girl hiding in a male-dominated field, I’m sorry Dan called you names, but let’s be honest – you asked for it! I’m new to threads like this, and my wife had to spend a good 10 minutes explaining the concept of “Trolls” to me. Trust me, i understand this isn’t the piece for you, but why hate? Saying things like “the spot came in dead on arrival”, the animation is SOPHOMORIC and calling me a teenage boy sounds like you’re just looking for a fight, and of course people are gonna jump on it.

You may be right that our heads are too far in the process, but isn’t that the point too? I think it’s awesome that an entire studio could be so excited about a project like this, and immerse themselves the way they did. We’re not Blur, and we don’t shit out cinematics in our sleep. This was a unique opportunity for us to try something new, as well as continuing to develop our storytelling, artwork, animation and creative process.

Thanks again for everyone’s criticism regardless, INCLUDING you – WhoIsWho. No one spoon-fed you opinions, but you certainly brought some out ~ Great Job!

I’m extremely proud of the final piece, and don’t want this thread to overshadow the work itself. I’m looking forward to a new day, new work, and a new bowl of cheerios.

Till next time :)



jeeze. i am not a threader either, but for the love of god, i wish the haters would put their (insert video game name here…i don’t know any titles except maybe dungeons & dragons) aside for 5 minutes and look at the “making of” link. the process of nathan’s creation is purely inspiring, definitely on the edge of phenomenal. this spot proves that they can produce a feature film if they wanted to. have a look at the storyboards and character development…the work is amazing. one of the coolest things to me is that nathan can make a chocolate chip cookie flamboyant, apple sauce gooey and even snap people’s jaws off…all the while continuing to inject their truly unique flavor of awesomeness into everything they do. have to tip my hat to the sound design as well…great work drew.

continued love and support.

-thornberg & forester


Sorry, but i completely agree with WhoisWho.

This piece is far from being impressive, even on the technical aspect :
Animation is lame, fluid simulation is lame, hair is lame, direction is inexistant.

Im just amazed to see that people are reacting with so much passion on such a short when you have students short movie from Supinfocom or the Gobelins just a million times better…and they are students. They are just learning.

If this movie was in live-action, no-one would even bother looking at it, or reacting. Stop hiding behind your media. Shit is Shit, awesomness is awesomness.

Plus, Im completely amazed to see the people from Nathan Love making answer involving dildos. This is so pathetic it becomes fascinating. Stop trying to be funny, you’re not Louis CK, you f**** c*** n*** deer.

Last : If this is very stylised, then my poo is. and i dont make any effort to give it a nice shape, i swear.

Dan Vislocky

Thank you so much, anonymous angry woman #2. If you hate it so much, WHY BOTHER POSTING?

Not even going to bother with the middle section, because I don’t care.

If my answers are pathetic, and it fascinates you, what does that say about yourself? Not much, lady!

I’m not trying to be funny either. Truthful is more like it. In fact, check out this truthful, unfunny statement: Eat a dick, bitch.

I personally don’t care what you think about Nathan, myself, or my maturity level for that matter. I have enough friends inside the industry and out, not to care about the opinions of some random cranky lady concealed by the mists of the internet.

You don’t deserve a serious reply when you shit all over my pride and joy in the safety of your anonymity.

Punch yourself in the face
– The least funny person on earth, Dan.


Ohhh noooo ! My answer is rated 1/5 !

I bother posting because personally, even though im working on much more intersting and awesome project than you are (and i am…), im at least truthful on how bored i am on a daily basis, and on how entertaining this is.

Congratulations to your friends in and out this industry, they’ve just spotted the retard of the gang (FAIL “my friends are great” self-justification).

Watch-out, You’ve got blood in your shit trail.

With Love, Nathan.

Dan Vislocky

Keep hiding behind your screen name, asstard.

When did I say this wasn’t entertaining? I’m having a great time.


Catch on fire please :)


Today, i read this on the internet :

“The mission is simple: Have fun, do great work, and make people smile.”
Nathan Love.

you’re having fun, im smilling. 2/3.
near-miss adressing tagline.

Try harder, animation genius.

Cuntbucket ! Bag of Dicks !

Marc B.

“Eat a dick, bitch.”

Not concerned about your company’s reputation, eh Dan?
Very inappropriate, stupid and immature.

I personally wouldn’t want to send any clients to people who talk like that on message boards.

Dan Vislocky

Well, Marc B.

Shouldn’t you be twittering or something? Or maybe insulting foreigners?

Way to go “Icon of the American Asshole”
Comment by Marc B.:
Thursday, July 2nd 2009 at 2:15 am |

Learn english please.
The internets’ American.


Dear Kara,

You know Gobelins is a graduate school, right?
Those students already have years of experience, they aren’t typical students.

And who are you to rip so badly on a piece. Can you provide your own work that shows you know what you’re talking about?

Also, why are you so upset with it and why do you feel you need to voice it? No one made this short in your favor. Nathan Love enjoyed making the piece, and that’s all that matters.

If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.
There’s no reason to be mean. Obviously Motionographer thought this piece was awesome and you can’t stand that.

And if you’re so great, where is your work on this website?


Not- typical students ? Years of experience ? Hum. :)


thank you WhoisWho and Kara. your pointless posts just continue to add to its popularity.

so thanks for the support you angry vagina’s.


Oh, i watched it 5times already, you cant say im not helping.

Dan Vislocky

Alright folks, this has definitely been entertaining, but it’s time to get back to work on my projects that are a lot less exciting than kara’s “interesting and awesome” stuff.

Thanks to all of the people’s comments, good and bad (except for Marc B., you’re just an asshole.)

Some parting words, if you will.

WhoIsWho – Thank you for your honest opinions before it started raining on your vagina and made you the unhappiest little girl in the whole CG industry.

Kara – Have fun working on your projects that are so much more interesting and awesome than ours. Be sure to keep checking around the industry to see more of our horrible work. Lastly, I think you’d find this to be a fitting description of yourself. https://www.penny-arcade.com/docs/internetdickwad.jpg

Marc B. – Suck a duuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIICK. Go twitter about what an asshole I am and see how much it affects the amount of work we get here at Nathan. I respect clients and other artists regardless of their opinions on our work, provided it’s constructive in some way, and they don’t hide behind an internet screen name. Thanks for the heads up on internet conduct and how it translates to real life, though. Valuable stuff there. Kill yourself.

Been a great time y’all!

Marc B.

Have fun growing up and good luck to the people at Nathan Love in charge of dealing with adolescent employees.


“time to get back to work”

dont kill yourself at it, its not worth it.
In your case, literally.

Dan Vislocky


Must……resist………posting…..reply………not………worth it. ughhhhhhh…….

Nathan Love


Thanks for the heart-attack, Daniel ~ He sure is a rebel! omg lol. Always so RESTLESS…

Don’t worry Kara, or Marc B., Dan IS hard at work, and trust me, it’s WORTH IT. Our next release will be much more refined…. this one’s about Farts!

Nathan love’s working with ALL you assholes, let’s do it again! :)

Who the hell is still reading this anyway?

Everyone here is smiling, and I suspect whoever’s pokin’ jabs has an evil grin too :)

Thanks for an awesome pre-4th of July week, and enjoi your weekends, everywhann!!!


Marc B.

Seriously aren’t you embarrassed by Dan’s behavior? Hundreds if not thousands of people are reading these comments including potential clients and agencies.

On top of it I’m really curious now what the female colleagues at Nathan Love think about Dan’s rude, immature and sexist attitude.

Here some of his retarded comments again:

“Sorry you found a dildo in your cheerios”, “Eat dick, bitch”, “Cuntbucket”, “Take that dildo”, “Punch yourself in the face”, “Suck a duuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIICK”, “Kill yourself”.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across more gross comments here on Motionographer.

Dan Vislocky

Ohhhhhhhhh Marc…….sigh

What’s there to be embarrassed by? OMG his INTERNET ETIQUETTE IS ATTROCIOUS!!!!

I don’t live on message boards, Marc. I speak to real people in real life, and I treat them with the respect they deserve. Random anonymous people on the internet, shitting on Nathan Love and it’s work, don’t count in my book as people who I need to impress. This is all a joke to me….. Fun….ever heard of it?

You don’t deserve my internet respect. I’ve taken a look at some of your other posts on various boards here, and it’s all just negative rambling.

We’re a close family here, and I’m pretty sure everyone who has come in to work with us has had a good time, male and female. Please give the studio a call if you’d like to speak to any of the females here. (212) 925-7111

There you go. An open invitation to see for yourself what kind of person I really am.

This all just fun and games. Go back to your twitter page, or shitting on everyone else’s work. Nathan Love doesn’t have to prove anything to you. Anyone who works with us can form their own opinions. If you’re gonna be an anonymous hater, don’t cry when you get some nasty replies back.

Fun is over.


I agree, it was fun.

Nathan Love

Kara – you’re Awesome!

Come on down anytime, we’d love to have you by… Holla!


Seansama Kealey

lol…. Marc B. can i be one of ure 20 twitter followers.. since you are just 1 of the 10,000+ who viewed Bloodtrail?


Thank you for the entertainment, Dan and friends!


Wow what a bunch of tools over at Nathan Love. Completely fucking Amateur Hour. If I was Nathan I would toss this Dan guy out on his ass not matter how awesome his pixel fucking skills were. This dork single-handedly makes your studio look like a fucking joke no matter how spectacular the work is.


Awesome….This all could have been avoided if Dbag#1 didn’t accuse Nathan Love of fabricating pseudonyms with the explicit purpose of pumping themselves up. If you’re asking me (which, of course you’re not), if your so opinionated that you cant fathom other people having dissenting opinions, and you need to make things up to discredit the positive reactions to it, you kiiiiind of deserve what comes your way. Dan (and NL) seems like a very proud person who stands by his work and cares strongly for what he puts his energy and time into. In this industry, making something great is like having a child, and he was just defending his baby. I dont think this detracts from his work, or the companies image. And if you think that it does, then youre probably turning away the type of talent that is included with people who have character and shooting yourself in the foot anyway.


couldn’t agree more.


1. this thing is bad ass
2. I do not think its too violent. Shit, life is way more violent then this will ever be.
3. I cannot believe some people are so damn rude criticizing other peoples work. I would love to see some of their work
4. I cant believe people from the studio came here to defend themselves. You did not need to do that… That is actually pretty unprofessional.


I love it all.

I’m afraid the only true winner here though is . . . the internet.

Matt Plummer

Dan + Nathan Love,

Please tell me why anyone aware of the greater internet dickwad theory would feel it appropriate to respond to said greater internet dickwads.

The internet’s a festering wormpit of opinions – and not all of them are going to be phrased by people who have the courtesy of associating their real name with their opinion. Which is fine – but leave the electric eel to looking ugly in it’s tank instead of diving in next time. Your work is good enough to generate fans to defend it for you.

i.e. people like manghangson, who hit the nail on the head.

Moving on, I enjoyed Blood Trail. Reminded me in ways of the stylised hyper violence of Beowulf. Suffers slightly through being so short, though I think the character style is really something special.

Looking forwards to seeing what else your studio come out with.
Regards from just another worm,



This is actually quite terrible. Although descent on a technical level, the story (or at least the way the story was executed) is juvenile and pointless. It’s missing that element of absurdity that makes overly gorey scenes somewhat enjoyable, and winds up as just being bad taste. Unfortunately, this piece amounts to a complete waste of time and talent. I’m a fan of some of Nathan Love’s stuff, but this has to rank up there with one of the worst animated short films I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they are unable to handle criticism doesn’t help the situation. But hey, you win some. You lose some. You live to fight another day.


Some people actually enjoy sitting on a dildo after pulling it out of the cheerios.
Why do we have to take put these people down? I think we’re better than this.
Now please shake hands and let’s be friends.

god I love cheerios!

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