Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland trailer.


Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland trailer.

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goosebumps of inspiration !!!


nice stills – but i think we know exactly what to expect. tim burton. johnny depp. helena bonham carter. danny elfman. again.


hopefully, this’ll be good burton and not “charlie and the chocolate factory” burton.
“charlie” remains one of the most unlikeable films i’ve seen. in the original, gene wilder made wonka likeable… even lovable. depp made him into a psychotic child. the fact they marketed this as a kids’ film was a HUGE mistake. burton completely lost his sense of warm darkness (e.g.: scissorhands or beetlejuice) and instead locked us in a cold metal closet with his nightmares. unfortunately, “alice” looks to be more of the same. pity.


some of us like cold metal closet Tim Burton nightmares
sounds like a great genre


To me everything looks perfect except main character. I always pictured Alice different way.

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