Steven Spielberg on Animation


I think all directors should be animators first, because you really can take the imagination to become something tangible, something you can hold in your hand, and say, “Can you see this? No? Well, I can.” And then you make that, make that happen.

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This is true. I think we all get frustrated with some “directors” who rely on the vision of the animators and designers. They then simply choose through the best (or worst) of what the animator/designer came up with, rather than having the initial vision themselves and “directing”. My personal favorite is when your asked to “make it look cool”….Great…Thanks!


I feel the most like a director when I animate the pre-visualization. That’s when I design what’s going to be seen by the audience. I don’t really feel like one when I oversee the DP filming a scene while yelling action and cut.

If in the future I am lucky enough to direct a big production… I’d feel really weird if i’m creating a scene from the pre-visualization I did not animate myself.

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