David Wilson Breathes Life Into a Tired Technique

David Wilson has been a busy guy recently since dropping back-to-back videos for We Have Band and We Got Time. However, this recent piece for Little Boots’ “Remedy” caught my attention for a different reason.

I know most of you are thinking, “not another kaleidoscope video.” Well yes, it is. However, I’m posting this as proof that a process, even as tired as the kaleidoscope effect, can be pushed back into relevance. It fits right in with his growing body of work that explores pattern, composition and meticulous planning.

Rather than leaning on this stock After Effects plug-in, David has a crafted an intricate structure of visuals that directly connect to the effect he is using. Take a moment to examine some of the detail and synchronization in the effects shots and you’ll see the great attention to detail that must have gone into the pre-production of this shoot. If every idea has been done, just do it better…

Little Boots
Remedy (Atlantic Records)
Prod co: Colonel Blimp
Director: David Wilson
Producer: Tamsin Glasson
DoP: Will Bex
Editor: Darren Baldwin at Final Cut
TK: James Bamford at The Mill
Post: Aftereffects c/o Munky and David Wilson
Online: The Mill
Commissioner: Tim Nash

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Matt Lambert

/ www.dielamb.com
NYC / London



Infectious little tune. I’m a brazen fan of this cold, robotic, lo-fi stuff. I think the kaleidoscope shtick is a reasonable extension to the video, where at times, the set itself – light and keyboard setup – was kaleidoscope-esque.


Elegant. Beautifully designed and directed.
One of the few music pieces I’ve seen in years where editing and effects are justified by the music instead of merely inserted randomly.

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