Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer

fantasticmrfoxTrailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox (in theaters 11/13/9)

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Matt Hunter Ross

2007 SCAD grad - MFA Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.



Am I a spoiled rotten cg consumer?
Lacking an open mind to different styles?
I wonder if I’ve gotten so used to big budget productions that this leaves me with a sort of crooked mouth expression.
I thought this little thumbnail fox image was 3D for sure, watching it I was surprised and optimistic in the first 10 seconds.
But that enthusiasm soon drooped into uninspiring disappointment.
because well…the camera work, the compositing, the animation or poorly rigged characters the titles…oh my, were less than great
you can put it down for style, sort of clanky, rough, unfinished i guess

The film it self might be great and suffering from a not so great trailer.
On the other hand the voice acting sounds great,except the sound quality doesn’t. I wanted to end on a good note, but alas…


I’d have to agree with you on most of your points – they’re obviously going for stylized and it looks unfinished. I was initially drawn in by the notion of Anderson directing a Dahl novel, but as the trailer wore on, it kind of pushed me back. I hope the full feature is more rewarding.


I was hoping for Suzie Templeton. We get sub-standard kids animation.
How disappointing.


yikes, i don’t know about this.

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