High Shutter Speed Bass-String Action


Bass-strings in motion shot on a camera with high shutter speed creates an interesting wobbling effect.


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Tyquane Wright

/ www.easein.com
I am a student at New York University. I love motiongraphics.



That’s not high speed. The mark 2 shoots at 30fps. That my friend is latency with the mark 2 CMOS chip. It looks cool here but pretty undesirable when it happens to the whole image.

Tyquane Wright

Just updated that!

thanks for the info dude :)

You’re right.
high shutter speed don’t = highspeed camera either


Ahh, was wondering what previous poster was saying was mistaken about this, but didnt realize you had edited it after his post. I now have one more reason for wanting a full frame DSLR that can shoot video. I am just happy having a f1.7 lens for the time, however.

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