Danny Yount: New Reel


Superb pacing and inspiring work in the new reel from Prologue creative director Danny Yount.


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Holy crap, that’s a great reel! Good work Danny!


damn thats an awesome reel! I think I hear venetian snares… great editing and choice of track!


completely killer!


Whoa!!! Fantastic all around.


that was great, I am going to steal all those ideas and promote them as my own. people will be like: rand…you are so 2008 Danny Yount and I will take that as a compliment.


The Fake Marc B.

As the real MarcB might say, “Movies titles generally make me want to vomit in my own mouth.” I enjoyed this reel however. It actually gave me a new found hope in title work. Seems like anything worth while that was done at Prologue was done by Danny. When is Danny gonna leave Kyle… He should go soon. Kyle is now riding your coat tails dude…


Comments like this do not belong in this forum – save them for adolescent YouTube slam sessions. I have nothing but respect for Kyle – as a creative partner and friend I can tell you that he has done more for this business than most people I know.

The Fake Marc B.

Clearly you think you need Kyle to continue your journey. Have fun. For the record I never said Kyle didn’t contribute to this industry, he just hasn’t done anything except tired rehashes for the last several years.

I guess you would have liked a comment more like this. What’s so hard about throwing some tiny type on a image and making the camera fly through it. I’ve seen it all before. All this crap looks like a reincarnation of Se7en except it was new and original 10 years ago. And the Paul Rand ripping? When is that gonna end. Its boring and makes me want to turn up to the movie 10 minutes late to avoid your crappy self indulgent wankfest.

Another thought, “Comments like this do not belong in this forum.” Have you read the comments on this site before today? Clearly not. Its just a bunch of dick sucking or aggressive undersexed students bitching at one another. I will continue with my back handed compliments and assault on the mundane just to get a rise out of people like you.

I changed my mind. I hate movie titles again.



Any diss from this flamer really is a statement of envy and an unconscious admission that you are better than he will EVER be. The tool aims the most talented in the industry as a way to somehow, if only in cyber land, elevate himself above them. How transparent and pathetic – sad face for you loser :( Although you are King of the Trolls, an authority or professional of any worth, you are not. Yawn indeed.

I thought ‘the reel’ was dead – this proved me wrong – Danny’s in the top 1%, no doubt.


I’ve known Danny for several years and his work never disappoints. Nice job my friend, as always.


Danny Yount is the shit.


his reel and sound are great!!!!


I loved the reel, I did think it was a bit long… but pretty eye catching… Great job!

Brian Gossett

Holy wow, that was an amazing reel. How does Danny top himself every time?

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