Twenty120 NYC Premiere

One can easily say that motion graphics has become one of the most tantalizing careers for the creative minded. The opportunity to make art utilizing design, illustration, animation and sound as mixed medium is an easy sell for any artistic person. Which is why this little industry of ours has drawn some of the best creatives in the world. The only snag, this art form’s foundation is built entirely around advertising. Although the challenge of designing to sell can be a thrill, in the end, the purity of our ideas become diluted by the needs of the client and a myriad of other factors. This hurdle is one a fine artist normally does not have to overcome.

Almost as a reaction to this, festivals and collaborative projects have emerged that give the creatives in this industry an opportunity to take their artistic energy and focus it on their own personal work.

One such independent film series is Twenty120, which invites 20 filmmakers to create two minute films on a given theme.

Here at Motionographer we see a need to embrace independent film collections like Twenty120 that give all of us a venue to channel our creative desires. As a result we are excited to sponsor the NYC premiere of this years Twenty120 films to be shown on August 27th at the Art Directors Club presented by MassMarket and Click 3x.

Also, in this coming week we will be releasing limited free tickets to those who are in the neighborhood and want to come down to see the event, drink some free beer and mingle with the directors. We will also be doing an interview with Connor Swegle and Rich Rama, the two men in charge of Twenty120. Stay tuned for more details on the 3rd annual premiere of Twenty120.