Arno Salters for Raid the Radio

One our favorites, Arno Salters, just dropped this Paris-shot, low-budget banger for General Elektriks to lighten the mood on your Friday. The piece employs a few lo-fi, surreal effects including a clever “stereo-camera rig” built by DP Thomas Letellier. The music transmission device was inspired by the work of sculptor Jean Tinguely.

Band – General Elektriks
Song – Raid the Radio
Label – Quannum/Discograph

Director – Arno Salters
DP – Thomas Letellier
Art Director – Mahi Grand
Producer – Sandrine Paquot
EP – Greg Panteix @ Stink France

Post House – Nightshift Paris
Post producer – Mathieu Hue
Editor – Benjamin Favreul
After fx op – Nico Chambon