Tiny Inventions for TMBG: “Electric Car”


Mild mannered animation studio, Tiny Inventions, have lifted the veil on their latest opus and introduced Electric Car – a stop-motion style music video for the sugary children’s band, They Might Be Giants (TMBG). Showcasing a foxy sense of craftsmanship, Tiny Inventions is true to form, and has a knack for detail that’s put up for show in each one of their rustic-themed characters and makeshift environments.

The aesthetic here is homestyle – nothing too pretentious or embellished in flowery trimmings. Instead, Electric Car is a throwback to the good ol’ days of educational shorts; when Saturday mornings were for play; when School House Rock was a staple. Electric Car keeps it simple, but does it in a big way – a watermark to their authenticity, and a badge of honor for the studio.

“Making of”