Ledwidge & The Mill: Cadbury Cocoa

Ledwidge & The Mill bring a massive head to life in the streets of Ghana for Cadbury Cocoa

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Nice video thought the country is most likely Ghana and not Nigeria. The artiste and from the looks of it most of the cast is Ghanaian, it would be almost impossible to do such a large shoot in Nigeria and we no longer have any cocoa to speak of since we found oil :)

Dele Nuga

Great post, Fantastic video.
It looks like Ghana to me.
Those two guys in the beginning are a give away.
We don’t have motorcycle helmets in Nigeria.
Ghana’s Cocoa production surpasses Nigeria’s by far.

By the way, those firework effects are hilarious, especially the lightning bolt out of the finger shot.

Big up Matt.

Matt Lambert

Thanks Dele! As my official source on Nigeria, I apologize and will make the correction now!

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