Psyop Weathers The “Storm” For UPS

For their curtain call at the end of a brilliant four-spot performance for UPS, Psyop conjures a world that’s comparable to the cardboard-carved spectacles from previous spots that we know and love. Watch the other UPS spots: “Gladiator” / “Circus” / “West”

In “Storm”, color and texture become mnemonic devices triggering our emotional sense of UPS. The look, partly in credit to agency Doner, has moxy: It’s adaptable, engaging, and has held strong throughout the duration of the campaign.

We’re presenting an in-depth three-part interview with three of Psyop’s crew, complete with making-of videos and process imagery. Stay tuned for the other two interviews soon.

Part One

Technical Director and Project Lead Tony Barbieri

A special thanks to Lead Animators Jordan Blit and Pat Porter, as well as Technical Director and Project Lead, Tony Barbieri, for coming aboard the S.S. Motionographer amid the spitting rain and gusty winds of work and deadlines.