A Graphic Score For Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Beethoven's 5th
A Graphic Score For Beethoven’s 5th Symphony
More here. via @connortmcdonald




have you guys ever seen cakewalk? or any other MIDI sequencing program before today?

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Yes, this looks a lot like sequencing software. Maybe it is. But it isn’t the straight output of a score. There are lots of choices being made by the author in what information he chooses to include, omit or highlight. I find that interesting and I think the starkness of the way it’s presented here is also very beautiful. It’s a great example of information graphics and I decided to share it here.


I agree, it’s worthwhile to display the score this way, especially for non-musicians. It’s clearly inspired by a sequencer, but it’s that very nuts-and-bolts sequencer display that can elucidate this piece in particular, which was legendarily composed from a single motif of four notes.


Agreed Brian, definitely post-worthy. Seeing the music in this crisp visual way, helps me to hear it more clearly and thus appreciate it even more.


Bran, that is…

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