Noam and Animal Logic, LA for Kaiser

The Noam Murro and Animal Logic, LA show us what the world might look like if we went paperless in this spot for Kaiser Permanente via Campbell-Ewald


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Matt Lambert

NYC / London



Or maybe what the world looked like if every city was just like Portland Oregon

Bryce Wymer

The sexiness on the locked off shot….. Lovely….. nice work!


Everything about this commercial is quite beautifully made, but man; all this self righteous environmental bandwagon stuff, that motion graphics designers seem to love without actually thinking it through, is really getting on my nerves.
I Don’t see how the use of paper is such an environmentally damning thing; Without the demand for paper, and thus; paper plantations, then the plantation area would most likely be converted to farm land, ie. much more environmentally detrimental (since it is no longer producing the oxygen that even a short cycle plantation would provide).

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