Videogioco by Milkyeyes


This one’s got a bit of the old ultra-violence, so be fore-warned. It’s all in a good bit of fun, though. No-one truly gets hurt. Videogioco, which means videogame in Italian, combines 2D drawings and flipbook-style action with a stop-motion filming process for a really unique, new take on a cartoon, action fighting sequence. The character (well, really just a part of him) moves across the paper getting stabbed, cut, hit, swallowed and kicked through the air only to be finally re-united with his body for a closing punch. The ending loops back to the beginning scene, starting the whole process, and cycle of violence, over again. Brilliant! Kudos to the makers of this amazing short.

Animation and Concept by Donato Sansone
Sound Design by Enrico Ascoli

Tip to Michael Lebowitz for spotting this!