Eyeball: Centric Network


Eyeball launches Viacom’s new Centric Network with retro-inspired type, crisp lines and earthy palettes. UPDATED: new video with behind-the-scenes footage.

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This is great. Very well considered.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Looks good! Very nice …


love the overall finesse.


Some nice typography, is it possible to have a little more information about the actual channel and what its focus is?


Very nice graphics. Hey, I noticed there’s no white people in that network…if the opposite were true, we’d have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton whining about it for months…double standards at its best… :(((


I found this funny only because I did notice that there’s a whole lot of white people telling a lot of black people what to do. Race is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Love the feel of the piece, very warm, clean, and well put together.


you must’ve never flipped past CMT. (i really hope your comment was a failed joke)


Hey, I’m fine with having channels specifically targeted to different races, I was just mentioning that if the same thing were done by whites, it would be considered “racist”.

CMT is a music channel, not a “white-only channel”. There’s plenty more R&B and Rap channels out there, I’m not talking about that. Centric is a black-only network, like BET, that features not only music clips but all sorts of black, ahem, “centric” stuff, like TV series, talk shows, black culture, etc.

In the words of his president “What we’re creating is a brand-new network targeted to adult, upscale, sophisticated and aspirational African-American and multicultural audiences”.

Now let’s reverse that to “What we’re creating is a brand-new network targeted to adult, upscale, sophisticated and aspirational White Americans and European audiences”. We’ll never hear the end of the outcry over “racism” for a thing like this. See my point?

More from the internet:

“Centric is the latest in a flurry of new African-American targeted network announcements over the past year — although it’s the first to have major entertainment media company backing”.

Apparently everybody can celebrate their culture (and that’s great!) UNLESS you’re white. And that’s a double standard that should not be tolerated.


Is the Logo channel bigoted against non-gay people, or is it a niche for people who don’t otherwise have targeted content?


lemme guess. you’re offended by Black History month, too, right?

dude, a VAST majority of programming on TV is aimed squarely at white people. why can’t black folks have a few channels with programming designed for them? good god.

and just to nitpick a little more, CMT broadcasts reality shows, movies, and other red state culture-centric programming. and every bit of it is designed for white people. and no one cares. so what’s the problem?


That blacks don’t happen to like or play country music doesn’t make CMT a “white network” in the same way Centric is. Centric is a “black-only” network. I don’t like country music either and I never put CMT on, it does not attract my attention. It’s because it’s not a network targeted to whites but a music channel. The rest of the programming revolves around country music so no, I don’t care about their talk shows, etc. It’s not a “white-only” channel, god forbid, that would be atrocious!

And like I said, I’m ALL for specific channels targeted to specific audiences, it’s actually great and necessary since there are very little common interests among the different ethnicities.

My point is that if there was a WET or Centric was targeted to whites-only, we would never hear the end of it. It would be considered “racist”. But it’s cool if others do it, as long as they’re not white. You can’t deny that.

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