Autumn70: The work of Micah Hahn

Autumn70: The work of Micah Hahn, Design Director of Current TV. Check out his new reel and the elegant modular IDs: variance.

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killer reel. dig seeing good broadcast work.


This is like tDR2.0
Strong design, great typography, fluid animation, appropriate color, sharp editing, dynamic sound. The puzzle is complete.


After waiting ~4 hours, I really I enjoyed those first 15 seconds.. then the server crashed.


seems like pioneers, designers republic, is an inspiration of current tv. the work is a great evolution and it’s nice to see the level of craftsmanship here.


you can tell that the Current crew totally loves what they do and strives to keep pushing. I’ve been around a few network graphics departments where people are content to show up, punch out the lower thirds in their Flame bays, and clock out @ 7 hours and 59 minutes. Nice work Mr. Hahn!


Thank you guys for the very nice comments and notes! It’s great to hear that at least some of this is resonating… (i’m really sorry about the download times…. i’m totally new at web compression &c.) And thank you, motionographer (Bran) for putting this up, I completely appreciate it.


mad genius!


Beautiful work, to me reminiscent of Maeda.

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