The Father


The Father is a new short film by Sticky Monster Lab, a collective of three artists from Seoul, South Korea. Presented in a split-screen format as if it is the pages of a book, it simultaneously tells the story of a father and son growing up and getting older, struggling with the pressure to succeed. The Father project also takes the shape of an actual book, poster, and vinyl figures of the main characters. Sticky Monster’s ongoing characters, The Monsters, also populate more of their work – including an epic sci-fi short The Monsters and The Runners for a little shoe company from Oregon.




Great animation. But as far as the plot structure is concern I don’t think the ending has the edge it needs and it doesn’t feel complete and as epic as Yellow Cake. For me, the first part is something that I feel can happen to anybody and every relationship, but the ending is something I felt is too out there. Everybody get into an argument with their parents, but not every story ended like that. So it went from being relate-able to soap opera.

I don’t mind tragedy, but for it to work it should have certain degree of foreshadowing, missed opportunities, and last minute realization. This sad end to the story does not fit with the whole mood and tone of the rest of the story.


go! boochangjo!
go! sticky monster!
go! delitoys!


favorite thing ive seen in a while. its nice to enjoy something, catch a bit of a feeling, and enjoy the technical execution on top of it.

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