(Geek Alert!) The Esquire AR Issue

EsquireARWhile many other motion studios try to find their way to the interactive future, Psyop teamed up with the digital aces at The Barbarian Group and went there.

The Esquire Augmented Reality issue hit US newsstands Tuesday with a raft of interactive vignettes that employ augmented reality (AR) to bring classic Psyopian illustrations up from the printed page.

The Barbarian Group conceived of the project and it’s their custom nerd voodoo that powers the Psyop-made content featuring cover boy Robert Downey Jr., actor Jeremy Renner and hottie Gillian Jacobs.

Do you read, view or play with the issue? All of the above. It’s like print, motion and interactive media got a little loose together and – bow chicka wow wow! – birthed this futuristic love child.

The experience requires a download from the Esquire site and a physical copy of the December 2009 issue. Or does it? Some clever Googling may get you to at least some of the AR markers.

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oh damn. All that build up and I gotta run out and get the magazine before I can check it! designus interruptus.


hi, I’ve been an esquire subscriber for a while and when i saw Psyop’s idea with augmented reality, i was extremely interested. I went to Esquire’s site to download the software. I then tried to use the software, but instead it gave me the following error message. “Sorry, your computer requires a more advanced graphics card in order to run the Esquire Augmented Reality application”. Thinking that it might be something with my PC, I then went on a friends new computer and got the same error message.

I always had extreme respect for Pysop’s work in motion graphics, but in this case the functionality of such a tool is useless if the average consumer can’t view it from their computer. If this is happening on most Pc’s, it can be a huge setback for Esquires campaign.


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