Mass Market: Air Force “Csar”


Csar, the latest spot for the US Air Force, directed by Phil Joanou (MJZ) with VFX by Mass Market, is a high stakes rescue mission laden with CG and high-end compositing.

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Great-looking spot. I have heard two individuals from PSYOP say they would never work for the military. Too bad not all the PSYOP/MassMarket people feel that way.




Didn’t Mate Steinforth say something like that in an interview? But he’s at another studio now, right?

Mate Steinforth

And I’ll say it again: Fuck you, Army!


Really? Peace, love, and liberals wont protect the country.

I don’t think anyone here believes that the United States should not protect itself with its armed forces. Directly marketing toward teens with slick visual effects to recruit is what’s in question here.


Hmmm…. are the armed forces not a reputable career path? And what about those co’s marketing sex, tobacco, and alcohol to teens? No one is up in arms over those. To borrow mate’s words, Fuck MTV, Fuck Absolut, and Fuck Marlboro.


no “errrr”, the army sucks. Young people killing and dying for financial and political propose, this is not reputable at all. And if you don’t know US was just once under militar attack and it has at least 50 years, and this is not the excuse to keep this militar crap culture of invanding and kill people around the globe. So get out of your tiny little world to know that the world is much bigger than this shit.

if you saw the interview with Mate that I am referencing, you would know that he does in fact say that he would not work on a spot for a cigarette company. And I think I would have the same reaction if PSYOP or MassMarket did a spot for Marlboro. Maybe they have, I’m not sure. I would have to say there’s some gray area when it comes to booze, though. It’s all personal taste. p.s. mtv??

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

There oughta be a law… No legal disclaimers on this one?


“*Though we collectively do this every day, most likely you won’t ever.
*Actual goggles may or may not have Predator-vision.”

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Yeah, exactly. “Picture simulated. Soldiers are paid actors portraying a role. Actual war may include more bloodshed, loss of limbs and killing. Use with caution. War may be dangerous to your health.”


ha. too good! an as usual: “speak to your doctor before engaging in any military activity”


“*Though we collectively do this every day, most likely you won’t ever.
*Actual goggles may or may not have Predator-vision.”

Marc B.

But but the Liberal Messiah just sent 30k more troops.

Damn, those libs are never happy.


hey fred, who is marc. b anyway?

von pixel

Regardless of the morals behind military advertising- (left or not, how can someone not understand the need for armed forces?) the music sounded like it was from The Dark Knight.


You know, Mass Market should be disgusted by themself for makeing such youth-manipulating advertisment…

I mean, MacDonald and Happy Meals are bad, but making the USAF looking like a round of Crysis, its just nauseating….


well said!

this is disgusting.

looks like psyop/massmarket are in desperate need of cash.

Matt Lambert

I’m not taking a stance, but just clarifying. This is MJZ’s job. Mass Market did post. PSYOP did not direct it.


I like this spot a whole lot.
And although I would never join the army cause Im too much of a pussy I admire those that do.

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Mass Market: Air Force “Csar”

[qt: 848 480]

Title: Csar
Client: United States Air Force

Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin
Executive Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Group Creative Directors: Tom Gilmore, Rich Tlapek
Art Director: Christopher Colton
Writer: Travis Waid
Executive Producer: Monique Veillette
Producer: Aaron Kovan
Account Service: Lee Pilz, Norah Rudyk
Marketplace Planning: John D’Acierno, Madhavi Reese

Live Action Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Live Action Producer: Paul Manix
Director: Phil Joanou

VFX Company: MassMarket, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Blythe Dalton
Designer: Richard Lee
Storyboard Artist: Keith Thompson
Matte Painter: Tim Matney
Lead Flame: Thibault Debaveye
Flame: John Shirley
Flame Assistant: Marcelo Pasqualino
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Previz: Joe Jones, Tony Vela
Modelers: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Rigger: John Riggs
Animators: Joon Lee, Colin Cromwell, Yvain Gnabro
Texture: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Lighters: Kyle Cassidy, Katie Yoon, Jin Chong
Lead Roto: Jeff Kim
Roto: Austin Brown, Melissa Muerta
Trackers: Joanna Goslicka, Colin Cromwell
GFX : Chad Howitt, Joseph Chan
Particles: Keil Gnebba
3D Lead: Mike Dalzell, Andrew Romatz
Environment: Stefano Dubay

Editorial Company: Beast Editorial
Editor : Paul Norling

Music: Singing Serpent