Mother and Rattling Stick make icebears fall for Plane Stupid


Mother and Rattling Stick make icebears fall for Plane Stupid. VFX by MPC.

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Harm van Zon

animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize



you know…. after sept. 11th, i don’t want to see ANY MORE LIVING CREATURES falling from skyscrapers. We could go on and on about all the crappy things this planet offers us, right?

von pixel

I gotta agree.
This is a really stupid spot. Equating a polar bears mass in polutants to a polars bears life is a little extreme. We should just stop flying all together. Damn hippies.


When on a motion/vfx site, people talk about the content and not the work, it’s a job well done..

von pixel

Im sorry- but you still have to be responsible.
Sure the work is great- but what is art / motion design with out a message?


Let us babble on about climate change and what we should do about it while craft services bring us some cookies and brownies, while I work my portofolio piece, future job gettin hollywood FX commercial… YEAH RIGHT LETS MAKE PEOPLE AWARE…HAHA who are you fooling?


to kmfix:
True, the work is amazing…. or the work is how do you say… “killer”! I thought it was also interesting that this probably aired in europe? I’m wondering if the detailed blood and gore of this spot would actually air in the U.S…. maybe late at night, or maybe not at all. It’s controversial for sure, and they are probably happy that the spot did it’s job!


I think the work/production is great but the 9/11 references are too much, especially the sound of the jet. I think ultimately, the spot fails because of these references (whether intentional or not). But the animation is great, compositing is ok.


The piece is technically and conceptually well executed. Its not about 9/11. The jet sound is used because they are talking about pollution from planes. The polar bears are falling from the sky, not from buildings. They use polar bears because its roughly the same weight as that type of pollution and the polar bears will die first from global warming because of the ice caps melting.


this ad’s too harsh, but very well executed

Justin McClure

visually stunning. But I can’t understand this… Are they suggesting we all get in our SUVs and drive across the country individually? instead plane pooling? this just seems off to me.

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