Demoreel Critiques, Ep.05


Demoreel Critiques, Ep.05



I like the idea, it just makes me wary when these guys can’t even tell bad CG from Real Footage.


Hrm, that definitely was a little weird. It was obvious watching a video within a video.


my question is, who are these hipsters to critique anything and why would i want to watch a video of some dudes staring at the camera talking about crappy reels and being nice about some parts. man, sometimes i wish web 2.0 never happened


yeah this video podcast stuff of designers making tutorials is getting lame. I liked Andrew Cramer more before he went in front of the camera. The same for the rest. Shark jump!!!!


Pretty sure the only reason he does this is to help people who want to get better. He’s clear that it’s simply his opinion based on his experience in the industry. Why is this bad and why the name calling?


wow! tuff criticism. but brad, remember that i still love you.


Ha, Thanks Marco!


long – boring – we don’t give a F about their lives to lets skip the 2min intro.
other than that, the idea is not bad, but i don’t think they are the guys to do this … it’s not very constructive

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