Shilo: GlobalHue Latino “Community”

GlobalHue Latino enlists Shilo to create Community: a broadcast spot that encourages the namesake by shaping a neighborhood through clay. Behind the scenes here.



Ha ha, I love it! these shots just really follow up and cool and I like the small details (the guy giving the box of fruit to the girl is fantastic). Nice work! Kinda strange BTW is that the Spanish? version is spoken by an old man and not a girl anymore. I’m a big fan of the interaction between real people and a cg world.

On a side note,I did something similar a while back, a guy in a toy world (http://www

for who’s interested) but I like shilo’s better ;)

anyhoo, well done, congrats!


Ha-ha, not that bad yourself actually! Crane interaction is amazing!
Direction isn’t as good thou (too slow)


I know, watching you guys helps a lot. Thanks.
(Also the story my actor had to tell was waaaaay too long and boring, we already cut it down by pages but still the client insisted on this.)

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