Barclay’s Mill-Built NYC-Coaster

In a time where spots like this are reserved for the elite few; common collaborators, Nicolai Fuglsig and The Mill team up to bring you “Rollercoaster” for Barclaycard (via BBH, London). Using scenes from all over NYC this production, that began last fall, constructs and elaborate coaster-ride through the city.

As can be expected, The Mill comes with a solid making of that proves to be as entertaining as the finished product.


Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Adam Tucker

Art Director: Szymon Rose
Copywriter: Daniel Schaefer

TV Producer: Olly Chapman

Assit Producer: Matthew Towell

Prod. Co.: MJZ
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Executive Producer: Debbie Turner
Producer: Suza Horvat
1st Asst. Director: John Lowe
Director of Photography: Alwyn Kushner
Production Designer: Jeremy Hindle
SFX Supervisor: Kelly Kerby

Editorial Co.: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Assistant Editors: Edward Line, Stacy Peterson
Final Cut Producer: Laura Patterson

VFX: The Mill NY
VFX Producer: Dan Roberts
Shoot Supervisor: Angus Kneale, Ben Smith, Ruben Vandebroek, Wyatt Savarese
Colorist: Fergus McCall, Seamus O’Kane
Lead Flame Artists: Alex Lovejoy & Dan Williams
Flare Artist: Melissa Graff
Nuke: Nitant Karnik
Flame artists:Cole Schreiber, Naomi Anderlini, Corey Brown, Stefan Coory, Ian Richardson
Smoke Artist: Jeff Robins
Combustion: Keith Sullivan, Rosalind Paradis, Robert Bruce, Suzanne Dyer, Bruce Chen
CG supervisor: Ben Smith
Lighting Lead: Andrew Proctor
Animation Lead: Joshua Merck
CG artists: Ruben Vandebroek, Kevin Ives, Michael Panov, Wyatt Savarese, Gregory Gangemi, Yorie Kumalasari, Rob Petrie, Emily Meger, Naotaka Minami, Jeff Lopez, Pete Devlin

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London



Impressive and then even more impressive when you see how they put it together. They threw in the whole kitchen sink for sure.
I still have no idea what the Barclay Card is or why I want one though.


you want a Barclay Card so that you can see women showering and get a wink from the cute chick in the office, duh!

nice work.

Tyquane Wright

That spider cam workflow is cool as heck. I would like to play with that!
Top notch prep for final piece :) Mill NYC!


I like the poor mans Paul Giamatti

and while were at it….
and the poor mans zooey deschanel

La Fuente

Love Motionographer’s work the only thing that is missing and could so so useful is to get to the numbers! How much did they had as budget for this? And how tight was the deadline!

All the ones involved on this are very good at what they do but if you dont have the accurate planning and budgeting things like this wouldn’t be possible!


Justin Cone

Thanks for the props, but trust me: You will very, very rarely see numbers here or elsewhere. Actual budgets are guarded tightly, unless there was some crazy amount of money involved, in which case an agency will throw a vague and huge number.


I just read that song took 5 years to make.


i love this spot. I wish i could get to work this way! totally addictive to watch but it definitely misses the mark on being associated with the product. i keep thinking its about the future of the MTA or something.


“it definitely misses the mark on being associated with the product. i keep thinking its about the future of the MTA or something. ”

I just wanted to point out that since adults living in the UK are the audience, most people are likely to know Barclays is a major bank and Barclaycard is one of their products. We wouldn’t get it mixed up with an advert for the MTA (doesn’t exist here anyway) or tube since they don’t advertise on television. There was also a similar advert to this (a worker going down a water-slide) from Barclays, so I think they viewers may connect the two. I think where it fails is that it’s also supposed to advertise a fast new method of paying with debit/credit cards for small purchases but I don’t think most people are aware of what that is. Anyway, I just thought I’d give my input as this advert isn’t as ineffective as it may seem to someone outside of the UK.

Nevertheless, I think the advert is great. I did previous the previous one they made for this product though.

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