Reel Roulette

Reel Roulette
: a new, “easy way to find motion designers.” Add your reel now.



Wow, this is a really great idea! Maybe you should let people filter them, by programs you know or amount of experience, what city your based out of, etc.


This is superb.. the flow is seamless and easy-going


Well, it doesn’t make it ‘easy’ to find designers, since you can’t search geographically or add filters… yet. I look forward to when those features will be added. Fun time filler while rendering tho!

Brian Walsh

Justice seems to be a very popular choice for reel music.


That’s right , a lot of Justices a Daft Punks. But sometimes i feel like Justice’s music was made for reels.. it just fit !(?)

Matt Frodsham

I think it has been for the past few years ha. In all seriousness though, I’m about to cut my first reel (belated really)… where do you start with music when all you listen to is punk ska and reggae? (And Sam Cooke). What do all the cool kids listen to when they’re not spinning justice?


just cut a ska reel and you’re good to go.

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