How To Feed The World

How To Feed The World is a 9-minute film directed by Denis van Waerbeke for an exhibition called Bon Appetit at a science museum in Paris. It’s mainly aimed at kids aged 9 to 14, so the tone is slighty educational, but the inventive graphics and energetic animation keep the tone light and funny, while also illustrating a serious situation.

Much like Jonathan Jarvis’s excellent Crisis of Credit Visualized, it takes a complex problem and clearly explains the issues while also showing viewers a solution using easily digestible (if you’ll pardon the pun) graphic system. Take a look!

Directed by Denis van Waerebeke
Co-written with Sabrina Massen

Design : Montag

Animation : Juliette Hamon-Damourette

Sound Design : Ruelgo

Voice :
Michel Elias (french)
Mark Jane (english)
Andrea de Luca (italian)

CSI team:
Dorothée Vatinel,
Maud Gouy,
Manon Courtay,
Alisson Boiffard

CSI Producer :
Sabrina Massen

Produced by Montag