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Peppermelon updates! My favourite in this batch is the MTV ‘Los Premios 3009’ (MTV Awards 2009). It features eye-popping futuristic imagining of the 3 main cities: Bogota (top section), Mexico City (middle), and Buenos Aires (bottom). I recommend playing the HD teaser for the most satisfying viewing experience. Also, don’t miss the design rationale here.

Two other favourites of mine : Fox’s Retro Classifica (left, below) and Zilveren Kruis (right, below). Both features very well-considered character and environment designs, yet each is very different from the other.

Without a doubt, Peppermelon has sealed their reputation as one of the best and most versatile studios in the industry.


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Lilian Darmono

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lilian moved to Singapore and eventually Australia for her studies, eventually graduating from Swinburne NID in Prahran, Melbourne. She then worked in print design before deciding to switch to the field of Motion Design in late 2003. Her obsessions include travelling, illustrating, and cats. She is currently in the London leg of her 'Mograph Tour Around The World', and calls Melbourne home.





The ad is sleek and flashy with some nice 3d pieces , it was well executed tho, but somehow it just feels wrong “Futuristic Mexico city ” with aztecs temples and robotic butterflies around monuments in Bogota. I think there is a lacking of concept.
But again, that just a personal opinion.


Gotta love thoses guys…

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