YMCA: Head Gear Animation

Head Gear Animation and TBWA\Vancouver created this charming spot for YMCA, titled ‘Questions’. Its important message is definitely worth pondering, especially for people like us who spend most of our waking hours indoors and glued to a computer screen.

The tactile lo-fi look and carefully considered colour scheme (dull versus bright marks, contrast between all the ‘less than ideal’ facts and the more positive mission statement to reclaim our community) work so well together in driving the message home. The simply brilliant message stays with me long after the last frame flashes on my computer screen.  Time to go out there, folks! Enjoy the (Northern-hemisphere) spring!

NOTE: You can also watch an alternative version (with a child’s VO), check out the print campaign and agency credits, and don’t miss the campaign’s official website !


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Bran Dougherty-Johnson

So good. Love all the transitions, and that endtag animation is really nice!


Cute. Very cute.

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